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This is Bishop on his second birthday

Bishop contemplates rumplestillskin

I have a son...a two year old son. My mom says I should take him to consumer reports for product durability testing. Today he broke my water lamp, spilled his milk twice, once on accident, then again on purpose just to watch me clean it up. lately he has taken up drawing, he is his favorite canvas. When I could no longer stand the sight of scribbles all over him I put him in the tub, somehow he got my toothbrush and wedged it in the drain, a typical sunday afternoon, sometimes I actually look forward to monday morning, work is my vacation. But there is another side, the side that helps with laundry, bringing in groceries, sweeping. When im upset or not feeling well he pats my shoulder and says in his tiny voice "its okay mommy" I have a son, a beautiful son.

I put the lamp back together but the bubble mechanism no longer son says its broke and we'll have to get another is so simple when your two

Today Bishop informed me that the sunshine flies high in the sky when you wake up in the daytime, that was an exact quote, then he asked me to put him up to the sky, funny how kids think their parents have super powers, and nothing is impossible, we should follow their example more often.

This could be your last ten minutes on earth, make it count.

Candle surrounded by poinsettias

Night', love ya, see ya in the my mom used to say