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What a difference two years makes! Today I no longer call myself a victim of domestic violence, today Im simply one of the countless numbers of single working mothers out there. From the emergency shelter I moved on to a domestic violence shelter, then to a transitional shelter. I participated in a program called project breakout and graduated valedictorian of that program, I was awarded a computer for that. My stepdad has since built another computer for me, yes I have my family back, whom I was estranged from for many years. I work in the human genetics department of a large university/hospital. I am currently a resident of the ywca transitional housing program. I'd have to start a whole new site to sing the praises of the ywca. Each resident has their own apartment, pays rent, has one on one case management, counseling etc. Bishop attends the ywca daycare, which is just downstairs, I can't say enough good things about the daycare. I've purchased another car. The greatest thing about this program is that they don't take care of you, they allow you to learn how to take care of yourself.
   I was recently invited to share my story at purse and passion, a ywca fundraiser, standing in front of that podium speaking to distinguished women from all over the world was quite simply amazing. I never imagined that this could be my life. I pushed on through tremendous amounts of fear and self doubt, and somehow I've made it. I still have fears and doubts, as I will be moving out in february, but I know when I look back on what I started with, and what I've accomplished thus far, I can accomplish anything, of that I have no doubt.
   Today Bishop is a happy, healthy, highly intelligent, two and a half year old.
I would most probably not be alive today were it not for him. He keeps me grounded, and any time I felt like giving up, he was, and is my inspiration to keep going. He saved my life, and someday when he's old enough to understand, I'll thank him for it.
   I hope someone out there finds a tiny bit of inspiration in my story, and the slightest glimmer of hope.
   Obviously this is the edited version, for the entire story, including my long, long, difficult journey through the shelter system you'll have to contact me. Thanks for reading this, and please, please sign my guestbook...please!

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