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The missing links

This page chronicles my personal experience, and escape from domestic violence. It is dedicated to all of those who never made it out, and to offer hope to those who still have a chance

Writing on the wall

I've decided to add a little freelance writing, click the link above. Dont be too hard on the grammer, life is about feeling, not about where you place your comma.

Well its been a while since I updated this site but here is the latest.

I did finally move into my new apartment, it isnt much, but its home, I have my very own washer and dryer, i just love washing clothes at three a.m.

My finances took a turn for the worse just days after moving in so ive really been struggling, but Ive enrolled in college and will be getting my bachelors in criminal justice.

Bishop is growing like a weed and still a handfull, actually more like two or three handfulls.

I start school November 10th.


wish me luck!


I have added my new email address, click on mailbag to contact me, Im probably online right now! watching big brother live feeds, dont laugh!

Click the link below to read my daily journal.

the unknown

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Thanks to all who have taken the time to sign my guestbook and for all the encouraging words.